I decided to start a new business few months ago, so I learned from Amazon Hub and met Alin Bugeac. A big surprise for me was that I learned step by step all I need to know in order to start and launch a successful business on Amazon. That is the business of the future! In the image bellow you have my revenue from the day I started to sell on Amazon, 27.nov.2017 to 20.ian.2018


Hello! I started the Amazon online classes on 10th July 2017 with Alin Bugeac and I was happy to enter in a very beautiful community of Amazon Sellers. Here I learned everything I needed to know to be a successful seller. I started selling on Amazon on 8th December 2017 and by now, in seven weeks, I already sold 16.000$. Then I became a Mentor for the next group of students because I wanted to help people learn what I learned and seeing their good results makes me very happy. Thank you Alin Bugeac for the great tips and tricks you shared with us! Good luck to all of the new students and future sellers! 


Looking back, I realize how inspired I was to accept the idea of an Amazon selling training . All it happened very fast. The decision was instant and after 4 months of learning everything from zero I am now a professional seller with a very clear vision for the future and sales of more than 26000$ in just few months. The amount of information and the speed that are changing the rules in Amazon are the things that need to be taken in consideration and where a course will deserve all the money. I need to thank Alin for all the support , excellent training program and community created.


I started this business after I read a few materials on the internet . Immediately after, I was captivated by this business model and I wanted to find out more. And after a few searches, I reached Alin Bugeac. I can say that since July 2017, when I started the classes with Alin Bugeac, it was easy enough for me to decide to give up my job and to allocate 100 % of my time in this business concept. Now, after 2 months of launching my first product, I sold approx. 8.000$. During this time, I applied all the information provided by Alin: how to optimize the budget on PPC, how to make attractive photos, how to find the right keywords, how to write the perfect listing to grow your conversion percentage, and many other secrets of this business. Finally, my conclusion is that: I do not regret the investments in the course supported by Alin Bugeac, so I recommend you to sign up, if, you don’t want to lose more money by experimenting all sorts of things. I can say that now, I have an income that gives me the opportunity to dictate what I want to do every day. Thank you Alin Bugeac!!!


11 days = $7069 in sales and in 2 days it will be out of stock. After 7 days the product was chosen Amazon’s Choice and the best Rank I had was – 996 in Kitchen & Dining. These are my results after the master classes Amazon Hub startup on 3 November 2017 with Alin Bugeac. I learned the steps on how to correctly find the product and how to find the best supplier. Price negotiations and trade insurance were the best lessons in my opinion. I had support and direction for all the steps in launching my first product on Amazon. He has a great team the can help you to open the company, accounting, product photography, quality check, product listing and they also always answer your questions. We were 100 people in that class and in a short period of time we became a small community that helped each other. Startup 3 is not finished yet but I already started the lunch of my 2nd product. Thank you Alin, you are the best and I’m glad that I chose your class.


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